The most famous way to focus on your great day is through wedding photography. But it is your wedding video that really will help you recall your day. Video captures live moments, and is the best way to relive your wedding experience and the feelings you experienced during the day.
In the past few years, videography has become increasingly popular with 51 percent of couples using this as part of their wedding day. Not getting a video is one of the greatest regrets that couples have after their wedding day. And, sadly, restoration of those moments is unlikely once the day has come and gone.
When you decide whether videographer would be on your day, you’ll look at the type of filming.
You have already been dreaming about your wedding photos already, so it’s time now for you to think about videography. Those two things go together in order to help you recall your day and recover it, so coherence is crucial. Most importantly, you want to preserve the way you want to remember your wedding day.
Fortunately, you have plenty of styles, and the majority of wedding videographers are going to give you multiple options, so you’re not restricted. You should find a style that meets your needs whether you choose a full-length video or a highlight reel.
We like how famous wedding teasers are at the moment, as they take quick look at what videographer can do. If you still don’t know what kind of video you want, below are some common styles.


The most popular video for marriages is film. A movie videographer 37 percent of couples will employ on their day.
A film style will more stylishly portray your wedding day. The main elements of your day will not only be included but also minor ones, such as the furniture, rings, pre-marriage events.
Think of it as more of a film version, that will focus on producing the story of your wedding day. You can add images from your vows and speeches with your photography video or cut your wedding cake. Both elements lead to making a more stylized video and to your wedding. So you can relax in years to come and take a look back over the day with some popcorn.
If that sounds like your video style, speak to your videographer what you need to build the film style. Music and voice-overs definitely play an important role.

Traditional and romantic

Traditional and romantic videography, chosen by 29% of couples, is the second most popular form. A typical video of the wedding will capture certain important parts of your day, including vows, talk and first dance. Traditional forms are often reduced by editing or transitions.

Although most traditional marriage videos restrict editing, contemporary romantic and unconventional marriage videos are often edited into a package of highlights In this way, without blunders or injuries, you will recreate the very best of your wedding. The editors who work around them will have a good video service!
Videographers are increasingly familiar with the possibility to have a wedding preview video that can be posted on social media with friends and family. It is also more appropriate than having a large session for friends and family. Save your parents for that!
photo editing


Documentary Wedding Video is the third most popular marriage video type, with 22% of couples opting for it. This style is very similar to the cinematic version because it’s more trendy and longer like a film. Instead of having a dramatic feeling it varies from the cinematic one. Documentaries often include interviews with a couple and family and their friends before they tie their knot. You may feel anxious when you show these pre-marriage jitters on the camera, but this will catch your day’s emotion.

This style of wedding video will also go through the paces of your wedding day from the very beginning to the very end in chronological order. There will be sections focusing on getting ready, arriving at the ceremony and exchanging your vows, all the way to getting photos taken and heading into the reception.

Documentary edits are perfect for those couples who love to tell their story and want to share their feelings before the wedding. This makes watching it and reliving it all the more fun, as there are sure to be surprises and things that were said and forgotten!


Finally, the last major popular wedding style is vintage, with 12% of couples choosing this style. Vintage editing will often include filters to give it that old-style similar to that of videos back in the 1970s.  Elements in certain tone, lighting and colour are captured during your day.

Vintage style videos are unlikely to suit most wedding themes but are well suited to rustic, vintage and boho style themes. These themes already carry vintage themes in them so will be a great way to capture that atmosphere in the way that you film.

Mostly, vintage videos capture the more candid side of your wedding day, making it well suited to a lot of candid photography. So, if you’re looking for something that’s stylised but still natural, vintage is definitely for you.


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